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Global Advocacy Ecosystems Alliance, GAEA Corp
Grassroots Save The Planet Campaign

As governments abdicate their regulatory authority to corporate interests, our environment and humanitarian conditions are facing ruination. Bailouts are propping up the failing, antiquated industries while simultaneously blocking innovation. Our currency is “fiat” and is backed by “the full faith of the United States Government” and faith in our institutions is beyond failing. Corporations are in control of legislation and in control of the money as 98% of wealth is in the hands of only a few corporations and 2% of people. The few want the many to believe wealth is limited and there’s simply not enough to go around. This is a lie told by those who have hoarded mass quantities of wealth for generations.

We have to shift our paradigm. We can use blockchain technology to use information as currency.  Cryptocurrency was designed as a disruptive innovation, intended to shift this paradigm but the current system is chaos. We can bring order to this chaos to the benefit of everyone.

The Permaculture Economy: A Holistic Economic Ecosystem

Permaculture is a set of agricultural and social design principles that simulate interdependence observed in ecosystems, like the mutualistic relationship of stewardship between pollinating plants and the insects that fertilize the flowers in exchange for sustenance.

What if we expand this concept to the economy, placing an economic value on sustainable development? We can apply permaculture principles to our financial systems, placing an economic value on sustainable development.

We can create a new economy: The Permaculture Economic Ecosystem, a system where value is placed on resources and conservation, acknowledging the connection between all things.

GAEA will advance all connections by crowdsourcing the data and creating an unhackable blockchain of universally accessible resources.

Our mission is worldwide sustainability, health, equality, and wellbeing for all. We are stewards of our ecosystems and resources, not separate from the environment. GAEA is an inclusive Alliance of individuals and organizations with the shared goals of saving our planet and her people.

Hyper-authentic Currencies: Borderless and Decentralized Crowd-Sourced data

GAEA will run an ecosystem of blockchains. Each blockchain can be used as a cryptocurrency as well as an education curriculum.  Each currency will be backed by a commodity (instead of fiat, like we have now) ie. crowd-sourced data via gamification of education and information gathering. *SEC regulations may apply so legalities must be handled.

Our first currency “Flow” will be backed by water rights and the blockchain will contain all of the info we can get on water: aquifer and reservoir levels and contaminants all with GPS info. Monitors water rights, water theft by corporations.


The next currency “Soil” will be land rights and be all of the info on soil levels, minerals, contaminants, depth, uses. Keeps track of history and future of all exploitation; A coalition of research and test labs.

The third currency “Aero”  will contain all air quality information and will be backed by R&D, patents, intellectual property, and the open-air online street market nonprofit sales channel. Tech blockchain to hold all technology going back to ancient times.

The fourth currency *Pyro” will become a peer-to-peer green energy sharing via a decentralized energy exchange tech to the last mile, as well as Universal Basic Income. Codename: Project Atlas

A percent of all 4 “main” coins/tokens will “burn off” upon use, sending coins both to the next currency in the ecosystem as well as to the 5th currency “Spirit”

“Spirit” will contain all of the healing, physical as well as emotional and spiritual, All known medicine of all kinds and all religious/spiritual ceremony.

The correctness of environmental and humanitarian data, and the ability to challenge the data, is of utmost importance as the inherent value of the data is in the accuracy and its viability as a method of calculating economic reparations.

The Permaculture Economy Envisioned:

Holistic Economic Ecosystem

All things flow, one into the other

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