The Value of an Original Thought
 ...or Attempting to Create a Formula for Paying Gaea's Contributors  by Tamlyn Overmier

So, we started this corporation with the crazy goal of saving the planet. The needs of our Mother Earth and her life forms can all be met if we switch to a truly global outlook and way of life.


Fabulous!  We cannot do this alone. Now what? 

We need hAlp!  GAEA, the entity, and her founders need massive quantities of excellent quality help from countless talented people.  


Global Advocacy Ecosystems Alliance needs brave and bold humans of all kinds; forward-thinking rebels, creative souls, and scientific minds must all align along the goal of saving Gaea. We will represent the lost and forgotten, with advocacy and assistance. 


Modern business is becoming all paperless and streamlined and lovely *to an extent* and GAEA will be on the forefront of tech for good progress. Global Advocacy Ecosystems Alliance will innovate first and foremost by employing the most astounding people we can, and they will know they are appreciated.  We are going to change the idea of the “corporation”.  GAEA is here to embody the Divine as we build the new Permaculture Economy.  GAEA will be Advocates of Her people and make sure they’re reimbursed..

We begin at the beginning, with building original content that will grow our audience.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Yeah, not so much.  Few things are as simple as they could, or should, be. 

“Original content” is getting harder to birth as we share our beautiful perspectives, awareness, knowledge, and ecosystems.  

“There’s nothing new under the sun,” so cliché. 
“It’s all been done before.”  

Have humans really thought of everything? 
Not even close. 

But those original thoughts, the new ideas, the innovations, are all becoming more rare and more valuable. Breakthroughs seem as distant as future colonies on Jupiter’s Titan.  The people who create these concepts deserve to feel appreciation for what they’ve endeavored to bring forth. 

GAEA is an alliance of people who want to save the planet, which is a thankless task. The Founders are determined to pay for original content, and not take advantage of friends. 


Recently we were lucky enough to have a team member actually think of an original idea. AMAZING. 

So, like, how do we pay for that? 


What is the value of an original thought? 


The thought was a quote, so we turned to the old google machine to find a precedent on what might be paid for an original quote.

Could the value be determined by the person who uttered the words? Should the price be calculated by word length? (As I write this I note that longer is not always better.)


The actual search results were well, obviously and predictably in retrospect, all just quotes about values. 


The modern society in which we are living belies the very concept of originality.


In the end we just tossed our beloved, superbly creative friend a random payment that we could afford, and hoped it made her smile.  GAEA loves her people. 

GAEA’s writers lost track counting, but found at least 13 cliches and 7 metaphors. 

Thank you for reading. We are organically building our user and contributor base.  If you like content like this and want to see more, grab yourself something from our shop or Donate.  100% of proceeds go towards our programs.