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"Smells Like Fermented Bananas" Archival Print

"Smells Like Fermented Bananas" Archival Print


Envision a lazy day in a hammock feeling the breeze, under a mimosa tree, sipping on a lovely beverage. 


The smell of fermented bananas wafts from the mimosa tree in full bloom. Bumble bees and honey bees throw elbows at one another for the sweetest pollen. Up high, a scraggly nest of robin eggs has hatched, tiny beaks open, safely away from twitching cats. At the least expected moment, a hummingbird blurs by, darting against the blossoms. From the deeply shaded porch, you watch the show, immersed in sensual relaxation.


“Smells Like Fermented Bananas” by Gayle Johnson. 
Archival Ink on Canvas 
Measures 5"x7" not including mat 
Limited Availability


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