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Become A Garden Guardian

Become A Garden Guardian


Become a Garden Guardian and sponsor the infrastructure of our very first community garden, and support our efforts to build a better world. Your donation of $100 can help us install protective fences around each garden bed so that us humans get some produce, not just birds and squirrels!  


Offered with a digital download to show our gratitude for your support, and at least 2 callouts on our social media pages.

We are hoping to save almost 2 acres of land in San Antonio, Texas.  The property was inherited by the Gaea Founder when her father died unexpectedly of lymphoma, but she can't afford to keep it and pay back taxes.  Developers are currently trying to nab the property and can get the zoning changed to commercial, which will ruin this land.  Our nonprofit is salvaging a half-acre forest and turning over an acre of land into a community garden and school. 

There's a lot more to this project, so PLEASE help us keep it going! Thank you!

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