Education & Awareness

To lay the proper foundations for our long terms goals, we will start with education and awareness. We want you to help us make an impact on young peoples' lives at an early age. 


We embrace the maker DIY culture that revels in the creation of new devices as well as tinkering with existing ones. Our efforts are designed for and focused on micro-scholarship programs:

We raise funds to provide assistance with:


Vocational/Trade Training

IT Certifications 

Educational Travel program expenses

Advancement of studies in following fields(but not limited to)

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

Whom we raise funds for:

Young Makers who are looking to engage in earth-renewable technologies

Students needing financial assistance for Educational Travel programs

Students needing financial assistance for Educational Internship programs

At-Risk Youth



We are finalizing our application process and will make the requirements available to the public soon.


To see what we've helped with so far, check out our Sarah In Africa series.


Your help makes an impact.